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Nov 04

First Light’s Rally of the Horde

On the evening of November 3rd, First Light called upon the leaders of the Horde to rally together at Hammerfall. The objective of this meeting was to promote Horde community and cooperation in contending with the attack of the Iron Horde, as well as to discuss prospective resolutions to the ongoing invasion through the Red Portal.

The gathering featured a number of of other guilds, regiments, and orders, including:

Bloodmaw Outriders
Burning Tusk Tribe
The Dawnfury Concordant
Garmak Golkosh
The Kor’kron Legion
The Legion of Vengeance
Megabucks Trading Co
Redfist Clan
Stormblade Clan
The Sunguard
Quelthalas Coalition
Undercity Nexus
Ursus Major
Vestige of the Phoenix
Wolf Rider

Once assembled, Grand Mistress Larrendias and Warlord Surtruk both spoke on the importance of Horde unity before dividing leaders into a separate area for strategy planning and discussion.


Grand Mistress Larrendias’s address to the Horde.

Thank you, all of you, for traveling so long and so far from your homes and dwellings to gather here this evening. Thank you, even more so, for those who have pulled back from the front — those of you who already know quite well why it is that this meeting has been called. Your collective presence in these numbers, and the attendance of so many honored allies, affiliated regiments, and unmet orders of war … is humbling.

I have stood before many of you long before this day — before many of you in these very lands, in fact, when the crimson fist of the Horde rose up to fortify the Highlands against the invasion of the Grand Alliance and its hate-fueled zealots of war. Many of you questioned me, and had questions of me, then. At that time, we were a union tattered by avarice and treachery in the name of those who sought personal empowerment at the price of promoting disunity and distrust.

But those who spoke their denunciations and unwarranted invectives loudest of all are no longer with us, today. Their cries and denouncements of more than just myself have been silenced, and in their departure, they have paved the course for unification to rise again. From the desiccations of their discarded memory, we shall plant the seeds of a coalition driven by the integrity of honor and fortified by the solidarity of kinship!

Those among you who choose to stand together this day will do so in the interest of preserving all that you have fought to hold and defend. You will be taking the first step in a journey that will redeem the many shames and dishonors that the Horde has endured to sate the gluttony of the betrayer warchief. You will stand tall and proud, to be judged and shown worthy in the eyes of all of those who have fallen before us … and their rightful expectations are high, indeed.

It is no small fortuity that we gather here on the heels of Hallow’s End and the Day of the Dead, renewed in our understanding of the obligations owed unto those who have gone before us. There is a shared history that we collectively embrace, as cultures and as individuals — the tales of those martyrs and heroes that have touched every one of our lives and left their mark upon the shaping of our character. I doubt that there is a single one among you who has not felt this weight … this expectation.

Call it destiny. Call it fate. In either case, it is the charge of duty and purpose that has led each of you to this crossroads of fortune.

For those of you who do not already know the history of the Horde’s forefathers, it was here that one of its greatest leaders fought alongside his allies to liberate their brothers and sisters from the oppression and enslavement of the orcish internment camps. Orgrim Doomhammer gave his life to reunify the very Horde that stands here, now, at the site of his death and on the edge of its own extinction. His are but one set of among countless eyes that peer down upon each of you expectantly.

We are gathered here today so that your leaders and military commanders may convene to discuss the path that shall lead us forward, to glory and victory. At this time, I would ask those commanders to select no more than one of their attendant officers and representatives before joining us below for a closed meeting. In the interim, I yield to Surtruk Firehands, and implore each of you to lend your ears but a few moments longer.