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Jun 29

Presenting The New Moose Deal!


First Light & friends are offering a unique experience to the Moon Guard community.

As you are likely well aware, the Grove Warden mount is a looted mount reward that is earned for killing Heroic Archimonde. At some point in time between now and the release of Legion, the mount will be removed from the game and become unobtainable. Every day, more and more people are asking for the chance to buy carries — but we realize that not everyone will have the chance to acquire a Grove Warden before they are taken away.

In an effort to promote a thriving server community and to attract new players and roleplayers to join Moon Guard, First Light has partnered with eight other guilds to provide a very special promotion that is specifically targeted at roleplayers that are looking for a guild or looking to create a new character: sign up with one of our guilds, meet the criteria of our promotion, and First Light’s Mythic Raid Team will provide you with a completely free Grove Warden / Heroic Archimonde / AOTC carry. No gold — no payments. Entirely free.

For more information, please click on this link or the graphic below:

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