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A Steamy Romance Novel: SpannerCrank » First Light


A Steamy Romance Novel: SpannerCrank

“Another year another brewfest”, muttered Syaksa, as she sloshed down three flagons of ale for some unruly dwarves at the festival. Ale splattering against the ample loaves she carried against her chest. She quickly grabbed a bar rag and began to clean.

It has been her third year serving drinks in Kharanos and all her friends have long since gone off on adventures in Northrend to fight the Lich King. Just as Syaksa was beginning to feel resigned to a life of serving drinks for horny patrons a grizzled gnome quietly shuffled in and sat in a corner table ordering nothing. Just staring, always staring.

This happened for hours, Syaksa feeling his gaze drifting up and down her body from across the room. His deep brown eyes cold and ruthless began giving her a shuddering across her entire body. Her lips trembling with the anticipation of what this stranger could possibly want with her.

“Be brave Sy, you can do this,” she whispered under her breath as she began to walk over, tightening her dress leaving little to the imagination and grabbing a flagon of ale.

“I-is there a-anything I can get you s-sir?” she stammered as she gazed into his cold hard eyes.

“How about an adventure,” he grinned and pulled Sy into his lap. Arm wrapping around her waist.

“But what could a little gnome like me possibly do to help you?” Sy’s lips trembling with anticipation.

“Well you see I need my spanner to be serviced and you seem to have the equipment I desire,” bouncing Sy on his lap frothy ale spilling on her ample loaves and dress.

“Well at least this seems to have a good head,” she giggled biting her lower lip and attempting to wipe away the foam.

“Let’s get a room and I’ll show you why they call me Spannercrank,” he said as he ran his hands down Sy’s quivering thighs.

“O Spannercrank, you definitely have the equipment I need,” Sy whispered in Spannercrank’s ear grinding in his lap before bouncing up loaves jiggling covered in foam.

“Well,” he said as he stood up placing is arm around Sy’s waist leading her to the room, “my spanner hasn’t been maintained in quite some time. Most gnomes are too small to service my equipment.”

“Don’t worry sir, I’m sure I can crank your spanner in any way you desire.” Licking her lips with desire pushing Spannercrank down on the bed.

To be continued.