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Field Report – The Frozen Kiln » First Light


Mar 19

Field Report – The Frozen Kiln

Log scribed by Atrion Highstalker at approximately 0800 hours on Saturday the 3rd.

DATE: Friday the 2nd
TIME: Approximately 1930 HRS
LOCATION: Southern end of Zul’Drak
CLEARANCE: Open to Aurelian Guard

Aehve Highfury
Atrion Highstalker
Caiel Coldstrider
Calathyn Icewalker
Hartlan Sunweaver
Ihriael Bloodreaper
Jadelerla Healsong
Kaoyn Steelcrest
Lenus Firesong
Leorth Brorla
Zon’goth Frostbane



At approximately 1730 hours on Friday the 2nd, our party approached the Palethorn’s manor upon Leorth Brorla’s direction. Though we had not received direct contact from the Palethorns, we did note that the iron gate at the manor’s entrance appeared to be unlocked and open. Speculatore Lieutenant Lenus Firesong and I scouted ahead; we determined there was no activity or signs of life, though we both noted numerous bloodstains upon the stones in the manor’s courtyard. Our party was advised to continue onward, with Kaoyn Steelcrest, Hartlan Sunweaver, and Calathyn Icewalker leading upon the given signal.

Upon approaching the stairwell, the gargoyle statues that had been noted previously came to life and presented an attack. Our party engaged, Caiel Coldstrider providing his shield as the others sought to neutralize the threats. The gargoyles were soon felled, the killing blows being delivered by Brorla and Icewalker. No significant injury was sustained during the skirmish. Our party continued on once more, entering the manor.

Upon entry, we were soon presented with a fully furnished banquet hall complete with undead servants. The undead servants did not appear to note our presence. The lengthy dining table at the center of the hall appeared to have food in abundance; it was soon determined that the food was rotting, and much of it contained maggots. We noted a pile of rose petals that led from the table towards the back of the room. Our party followed the path provided, which led us to a curved stairwell and eventually, a master bedroom. Icewalker and Sunweaver stepped forward to make contact, voices having been heard from within.

It was at this time that Lord and Lady Palethorn exited the room to make contact with us. Lord Salladis Palethorn displayed obvious signs of being an Ebon, while Lady Rocceirel Palethorn was later determined to be a San’layn. It was soon made evident that the pair did not intend to negotiate and instead intended to approach the party with fatal intent. The Palethorns summoned the two statues beside them to fight alongside them before setting upon our party.

Firesong was soon taken by mind control; I engaged her in combat. Zon’goth Frostbane was able to resist the call of Lady Palethorn and helped launch the counter offensive. The others, as I was later advised, approached the two golems and the Palethorns. One golem was downed by Sunweaver with ample aid provided by Jadelerla Healsong; the other soon fell as well. It was around this time that Firesong regained her senses and regrouped with the others. After much effort, Lord Palethorn was felled with a barrage of bullets from Order Physician Aehve Highfury. Lady Palethorn, despite having sustained significant injury thanks to Niriel Dawnseeker’s efforts, escaped after seeing her husband fall. At this time, Ihriael Bloodreaper regrouped with our party, intent on providing further aid if needed.

With the Palethorns either deceased or routed, Sunweaver, Bloodreaper, and Icewalker approached the Palethorn’s private quarters. Upon ascending the staircase and entering the quarters, a shrine of Saronite inlaid with runes was noted. At this time, it was determined that our death knights – and the Aurelian Guard – were now in possession of the much-sought Frozen Kiln. Our focus then turned towards our injured; Highfury offered assistance to those willing and who were in need of aid.

Further updates pending as of this time.

Observations of note:

The manor was oddly pristine on the inside; it also displayed copious amounts of the Palethorns’ symbol: black fabric with a white rose.

The undead servants collapsed upon Lord Palethorn’s demise, or perhaps Lady Palethorn’s escape; regardless, they no longer appear aware, nor animated. It is speculated that the Palethorn’s control over others beyond the manor’s perimeter has been broken as well.

Lady Palethorn spoke of a promise of “forever” between her and Lord Palethorn, previous to his death.

Juliana Patel lives.



CLEARANCE: Private journal

Additional notes, scrawled messily on the bottom of Atrion’s original log (not submitted with the official field report):

  • The bullets used to ensure Lord Palethorn’s end were very efficient.

Firesong apparently coats her blades in a paralytic agent. Do not let Firesong cut you again.

Frostbane appears to be healing after his injury. Highfury appears to have done well with his care.

Healsong appears indifferent to the threat of death or physical injury.

C. Coldstrider’s shield appears intricate; ornate. He is comfortable in the role of defensive posturing.

Steelcrest appears dedicated, but quiet. Difficult to discern her intentions.

Dawnseeker’s attentions seemed divided between Firesong’s plight and the threat provided by Lady Palethorn.

From what I can gather, the former Ebons did not appear swayed despite Lord Palethorn’s appearance; he, however, appeared to take great insult by their presumed treachery.