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Field Report – The One We Left Behind » First Light


Jul 15

Field Report – The One We Left Behind

Log composed by Ariadevyn Lunoire, soon after the events unfold on the ship to our next destination.

Date: Friday the 29th
Time: 20:00
Location: Silvermoon Anchorage
Clearance: Open to Aurelian Guard and all Chapters of said

Expedition Members:  (Under their names are small sketches of what they look like, both for Aria’s sake of learning names and for later reference.)
Atrion Highstalker – Head of Operation
Atrion Highstalker
Ariadevyn Lunoire
Ariadevyn Lunoire
Taesun Palequiver
Taesun Palequiver
Songryn Estellar
Songryn Estellar
Hartlan Sunweaver
Hartlan Sunweaver
Celaine Dawnblessed – Client
Celaine DawnblessedLog composed by Ariadevyn Lunoire, soon after the events unfold on the ship to our next destination.

It is important to note that Songryn and Hartlan were not previously present at the first meeting with Celaine, nor the investigation in the Ghostlands.

At the Anchorage, Atrion was the last to arrive. Celaine spoke to us in what she believed was very unidentifiable clothing (Black and gold colors), however, she missed a crucial oversight in that she could not change her voice or facial/anatomical structure enough to someone who was clearly looking for her. Songryn mentioned how he could potentially use illusion magics to disguise us, however, it was quickly pointed out that the likelihood of those magics being discovered was very high. Much like in Suramar, the detection capabilities of the guards here is superb. I did not think it wise to follow Fenthas through the guards, but my vote was overruled by the element of stealth and infiltration that the crowd there provided.

(From left to right, Hartlan, Atrion, Celaine [back], Ariadevyn, Taesun, Songryn)

Once in sight of the ships, there was an Orcish troop transport docked, named the Ghostly Dragon.

(Under the drawing of the ship, in Shalassian: The name would be much more fitting of a Pandaren ship than an Orcish one. I suppose the Horde is somewhat accepting of outsiders after all.)

It appeared to be loading supplies, which gave us time to blend in and hide while Fenthas delivered the message at the designated spot. The captain of the ship seemed irritable at best, and I was thankful I did not have to deal with him. As if on queue, Songryn noticed a portal form, and guards came pouring in. First they grabbed the captain, then set out eyes on us. Songryn got quickly pushed into the drink, meanwhile myself, Atrion, Taesun, and Hartlan assaulted the guards in retaliation. Myself and Hartlan escaped unscathed, however, the others did suffer at least minor injuries. It seemed that they multiplied whenever we downed one, and we were quickly surrounded. Celaine quickly made the choice to surrender herself to the guards, allowing us to escape. I made the decision while I had the chance to jump onto the boat, while the others hesitated as they contemplated how to get Celaine and themselves onto the boat. Another blood elf emerged from the ship, who later revealed herself as Theris Flamespire, the daughter the author of the note.

Theris Flamespire

In the end, it was best determined to leave Celaine behind as we reached the boat, where the woman was waiting on board. I kept quiet as Atrion discussed terms with Flamespire.

As for my personal take on all of this… the operation took a turn that is most likely going to end up in it’s failure. Atrion informed me that Flamespire’s robes had markings of the Sunreavers on it. Our job was to keep Celaine safe, and now, I don’t even know if she will be safe… or alive, when we see her next. The wrong choice was made. We chose ourselves over Celaine, over the operation. I cannot begin to explain my anger over this.

Further updates pending.