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Apply to First Light

Thank you for your interest in joining First Light!

If you have not already taken the time to familiarize yourself with the guild, please take a look around our website for additional information on what we're all about! We have resources available which explain our activities, heavy roleplay theme, and guild history.

You will also want to familiarize yourself with our Guild Rules, as you will be asked to consent to these policies in the course of this application. All members are expected to abide by First Light's guild rules, policies, and code of conduct at all times.

Please note that this application form is for non-members who would like to apply to join First Light for the first time. If you are already a member of the guild and are looking for forum / website registration, please follow this link: Forum Registration.

The following questions are asked exclusively to establish a means of identifying who you are and establishing out-of-game contact. We are generally pretty laid back people, and so long as your purity is not under investigation by the Inquisition, we won't share your private contact details / information with anyone outside of officers who are processing your application request.

In-Game Names and email addresses are REQUIRED exclusively for the purpose of reducing fake / 'spam' applications.







Using the following checkboxes, please indicate your in-game interests. When selecting these interests, please indicate only those that you would be personally interested in doing along with other members of the guild. Check every interest that applies (or that you wish to be considered for the basis of your application).

Roleplaying (Casual)Roleplaying (Events)Cross-Faction RPForum RPRoll20 RP
RP-PVP EventsRated BGsArenasWorld PVPCasual PVP
Transmog RunsGuild LFRNormal RaidingHeroic RaidingMythic Raiding
Legacy DungeonsHeroic DungeonsMythic DungeonsMythic+ DungeonsTimewalking
Social Guild ChatSocial Voice ChatGuild Social MediaSupporting StaffGuild Leadership

These questions concern the details of the 'primary' or 'main' character that you are applying with. As a special note for Roleplayers, these are not "IC" inquiries. First Light does allow 'substitute' or 'proxy' class and race selections for roleplaying purposes, within reason. Please constrain these answers to game mechanics facts, alone. For example, if your "Blood Elf" or "Human" is a proxy for your roleplay as a "High Elf," that can be detailed later -- answer "Blood Elf" or "Human" here.

What in-game class is the character that you are applying with?

What in-game race is the character that you are applying with?

What server will this character be played on?

Is this character your "main," or is this character an alt?

What level is the character that you are applying with?

If the character is not level-capped, do you intend to level it?

The following questions are about your history and experience. We would like to know a bit about where you've been and what you've done in the past, as this may be relevant to the time you'd like to spend with us.

How long have you been playing WoW, and how long have you been actively roleplaying?

What guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave them (if applicable)?

How did you hear about First Light, and what made you interested in joining us?

Do you have any leadership experience, in-game or out of game? If so, please describe it.

What do you feel you can contribute to First Light as a member? Roleplayers, please note that this is an "OOC" question.

  1. Please allow up to 48 hours after submitting an application before you are contacted. Please remember to include your battletag or an alternative means of contact. If you are not contacted within 48 hours, please ask an officer to confirm that your application was received.
  2. If your application to the guild is approved, you will likely be expected to undergo an interview process with a guild officer or senior ranking member of the guild. If this is requested, please arrange a date and time with the officer who contacts you.
  3. If your application to the guild is denied, you will be informed of the denial either by use of in-game mail or the alternative contact information that you provided. We strive to offer explanations for all of our denials, but this is not mandatory.

By clicking this checkbox, you confirm that you have read and consent to our Guild Rules.

By clicking this checkbox, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.