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Apr 07

Bishop Pelaios Silvertongue Found Dead

Sad news today from the Eastern Plaguelands.

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Nov 04

First Light’s Rally of the Horde

On the evening of November 3rd, First Light called upon the leaders of the Horde to rally together at Hammerfall. The objective of this meeting was to promote Horde community and cooperation in contending with the attack of the Iron Horde, as well as to discuss prospective resolutions to the ongoing invasion through the Red …

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Aug 10

Remnants of Ruination

After an emergency letter was received from Thrallmar, First Light sent out a scout group to investigate. . .

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Feb 28

The Rite of Purification

First Light’s priests and faithful successfully purify a Fel Orc, a feat which was thought impossible by many.

Jan 31

Dragonmaw Subjugation

Stuff here about the Dragonmaw Subjugation event. Swift Spectral Tiger

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