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A Steamy Romance Novel: The Lighthouse » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: The Lighthouse

A Steamy Romance Novel: The Lighthouse

Rosinoa had been the lighthouse keeper since her father died and left the lighthouse to her. The tall building stood in the far reaches out in the waters of Westfall. Rosinoa was small in stature, as all gnomes are but she was well defined in the right areas. She spent her nights reading steamy romance novels in hopes that one day she could adventure and meet someone to fall in love with even though she knew adventure wasn’t in the cards for her.

One night the light went out and Rosinoa frantically ran to the top of the lighthouse as fast as her tiny legs would carry her. As she was running, she heard the unmistakable sound of a crash against the rocks at the bottom of the lighthouse. She quickly relit the light and ran back down and outside. Rain was pouring from the sky and visibility was low. She did not know how to find the person in need but with her lantern in hand she set out to discover what had happened.

After wandering the isle for a few minutes she saw him. His small boat smashed to pieces and he lay among the rocks unconscious. He was a tauren in the full battle gear of a warrior of the Horde. This poor tauren was hurt badly and Rosinoa could not turn her back on him.

She went to his body and removed his helm so she could check for a pulse and it was there, just barely. The rain was soaking through her nightgown as she gathered the tauren’s head and pulled it into her lap. No small feat for one of her size. The tauren’s head lulled but his breathing was becoming more and more stable. Finally, he opened his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Rosinoa asked as the tauren began to sit up. “Let’s get you inside in the warmth shall we?”
“I could take some stew if you have some” he said in a gruff voice. His voice made Rosinoa tremble. They both stood and she took the tauren’s massive hand in hers and led him back to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was both warm and inviting the tauren noticed. The small gnome ran to the kitchen and began preparing a stew for him.

“You’re an adventurer.” Rosinoa said matter of factly.
“Was” Was all the tauren replied.
“My name is Rosinoa.” She said.
“Motega” He replied. She brought the stew out to him and he ate savagely as if he hadn’t eaten in years.

Once he was full he began pulling off his armor. Rosinoa could see his bulging muscles and his bulging in other places as well. She blushed and turned away. When he was down to his tunic and loose pants he sat back down.
She sat by his side, closer than she was probably supposed to but she was entranced by his looks. She glanced at his armor and his two giant swords.

“Your swords are bigger than I am,” she said.
Motega laughed, “I am sure a lot of things about me are bigger than you are.”
Again Rosinoa blushed.

“Come here to me,” Motega said and he lifted Rosinoa lightly and placed her on his lap. She ran her small hands through the fur on his snout and he closed his eyes at the touch.
“That stew was good, but I have some grade A beef sirloin that is probably better.” He said with a smile.
“I’ve never had sirloin.” She said coyly. “Let’s find out what it’s like.”

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