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A Steamy Romance Novel: Stout Brew » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Stout Brew

A Steamy Romance Novel: Stout Brew

“This brew is exquisite!” exclaimed a boisterous but friendly pandaren. Zao Thunderfoot, fresh off the giant sea turtle, Shen-Zin Su, had come to the beautiful Alliance capitol, Stormwind, in search of new ways to brew his beloved stouts.

Zao took another hefty gulp and reluctantly set the stein down. “You, madam, know how how to brew a good stout!”

The human woman, Jaysa Thorne, watched as Zao wiped the remaining amber liquid from his fur and imagined those mighty, furry, paws caressing her skin. She knew she could garner the attention of any man at her brewery, considering her experience and curvy, hourglass shape, however there was only one that held her current attention. And he had black and white fur covering his entire chiseled body.

It had been weeks since Jaysa had lain with anyone, man or woman. Her husband had been gone for some weeks now for he was an adventurer and was rarely home. That left Jaysa wanting.

When she spoke, her voice was silky smooth and highly seductive, she wasted no time. “How would you describe it?” she asked as she ran her hand up and down Zao’s muscled forearm.

“I…well…” he stammered and went for the stein again to take another gulp. Instead, he overshot his goal and ended up knocking the mug over and spilling the remaining brew all over their laps.

“Oh! I-I’m terribly sorry Mrs. Thorne!” he exclaimed and the look in his eyes conveyed pure horror over his blunder. Jaysa giggled at the spill and put her hand back on his arm and leaned close.

“It’s okay, I’m really good in sticky messes,” she replied, her breath hot and teasing the fur around his ear. “Come with me, I’m sure I have some extra clothes lying around upstairs,” as she guided Zao upstairs.

The story continues but all of a sudden you are craving a good stout and put the book ​down.

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