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A Steamy Romance Novel: Bloodstone Boutique » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Bloodstone Boutique

A Steamy Romance Novel: Bloodstone Boutique

The roar of the chopper’s engine echoed off the stones of the Underbelly, startling rats and roaches as Tesravi rode through the dark and dripping tunnels with determination. Making her way through the crowds of people gathered around the makeshift stalls, the paladin made her way into the deepest depths until she had reached her destination: a store front of Sin’dorei design sign of blood red with “Bloodstone Boutique” written in gold.

As the Draenei passed through the door of the shop, she was immediately welcomed by a deep warmth that bathed her entire body, bypassing her plated armor. As her eyes adjusted to the light of the warmly lit shop, she was hit by a warm flash of light, sending a rush through her very being as she was blessed with Fortitude. Turning her head to the source, the Draenei spotted another of her kind–a priestess–in the corner, face hidden by her silken black hood.

The paladin laughed and blew the other woman a kiss before making her way to the back. Along the walls to the left were rows upon rows of various toys that would make any collector of such things become more excited then a child in a free candy store, such as wind-up wreckers and pink demolishers. To the right were various garments of intricate make for virtuous maidens and experienced ladies alike. But none of these things peaked Tesravi’s interest as she casually made her way to the long counter in the back, where a single Blood Elf waited, body bound in tight leather that accentuated her curvy form, her crimson hair, wavy and flowing, spilled over her shoulders and down her back. The elf’s emerald eyes immediately sized up the approaching Draenei, a bright smile forming on those scarlet lips.

The elf purred, “Tesravi, it’s been too long~! I take it you’ve come for your… usual pick-up~?” The Sin’dorei giggled, but there was a hint of regret to her words. “Sadly we’ve sold out of your usual. However, I think I have something you might be interested in. Something very special for an exotic woman of your… calibur.” She winked before heading behind a scarlet curtain, only to return moments later with a large steel crate that she wheeled out for the Draenei.
With curiosity, Tesravi lifted the steel lid of the crate, the contents within making her jaw drop as she removed her goggles in disbelief. “Is zis–?” She began to ask.

“A double dozen stack of pure, enchanted Titansteel and schematics taken from the depths of Ulduar?” Deema interjected, pride mixed in with her normally playful tone, a smirk clear on her beautiful face. “It wasn’t easy. In fact, it took a week just to locate these~”

Tesravi chuckled, removing her goggles and placing them on the counter as she took steps to press herself up against the elf. “I am going to assume zee normal payment method won’t do this time?”

“Nope~!” Deema laughed, wrapping her arms around Tesravi’s waist, hands skillfully flicking the straps the plated chest armor on the paladin, letting it fall to the floor in a clatter, exposing the Draenei to the warm air of the shop while the Sin’dorei rogue and the Draenic paladin moved the conversation to a language spoken by all intimate races. “I hope Yura gave you Fortitude when you came in.” Deema’s lips curled into a sultry grin, whispering in a husky, lust-fueled voice.


“You’re going to need it.”

<The following pages seem to be smudged and stained by various “fluids,” causing the rest of the story to be lost.>

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