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A Steamy Romance Novel: My Cherry Pie » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: My Cherry Pie

A Steamy Romance Novel: My Cherry Pie

“Sometimes the house gets so hot, It can be hard to stand such things.” Alicia said as she wiped the sweat from her brow. Her eyes glanced along Marcus’s form as his body lowered down with position. “You think you’ll enjoy the taste?” She looked at the sword in his hand. Holding it firmly in his lofty grip. Standing so handsomely before the woman.

“Believe me, Alicia.. You know how to handle yourself even when it’s not ready.” He smiled to her, giving a lofty smile. Alicia blushed as she propped her back up. Her hand ran along the smooth exterior of her delight. “You’re a talented man. Both on the field, and at home… How such a man found the time… especially with me. Though you know size than anyone I’ve ever seen.” She reached for his broadsword. “Why not put it in a little bit?”

Marcus snorted through his nose. Dipping the tip of his blade gently several times.. Pulling it out and ran his fingers along the side.. Collecting the juices and brought his fingers to his lips. Giving an audible sigh.. “Delicious…” he complimented. He looked to his beloved with a raised, furry brow. Giving the most suggestive gesture of his weapon at the woman. With her only licking her lip.
Alicia brought the tip of the blade to her tongue, gently licking the sheen of glistening juices from his sword. Giving a suggestive look to Marcus. Her hand holding his leg… “It is delicious… indeed.” She murmured as she moved back. “I’m afraid such a thing may not fit into my oven.” She winked at the hero, her hands resting to her chin.

Marcus chuckled, ramming his finger into Alicia’s cherry pie with brief warning.. Leaving an opening accommodating his smooth digit. Bringing it to his mouth.. “I couldn’t help myself.” he said to the pastry chef… He licked his finger so gently, it left Alicia with awe as he aimed for another dip. With Alicia smacking his hand.. “Enough with the teasing. Stick it in already.” She commanded the man. Impatience filling her mind.

Marcus chuckled as he followed along. He lifted it up… and placed it into her oven. The warmth embracing his prized delight….

<< the remaining pages are stained with red sticky jelly stains, and covered with crumbs.>>

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