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A Steamy Romance Novel: Pass and Review » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Pass and Review

A Steamy Romance Novel: Pass and Review

“Lord Marcus,” the silken voice of the Elven Knight sounded in surprise as she entered the stands.  She maneuvered to stand before the man, her blue-tinted armor gleaming in the light as it hugged her smooth curves.

“I was not informed you were to receive today’s review,”  the fiery knight stood at attention before the famed warrior. Her azure eyes, like her golden hair, shone resplendent in the late afternoon sun.

“I like to watch from time to time.” He replied with a smile, looking over the Commander of Troops.

As the troops passed before the reviewing stand, the maiden asked, “Perhaps, you would care to perform an inspection?”

Grinning wildly, his eyes sweep from the troops to glide over the Commander.  “Tight formation, fine lines and a firm rear guard,” He replied, analyzing her defenses. “But I wonder if the performance lives up to the reputation,”  He asked as his attention fixed on her battlements.

She blushed.  Her eyes conducting a detailed reconnaissance of her opponent’s salient . “I…I have been training them how seize a bridgehead and enact an encirclement.  No enemy has yet to extract himself.”

Marcus chuckled, “Yes, but how do they react to…infiltration?”

“Well enough to challenge you in a skirmish!” she stated with a sense of prideful bravado.

The man growled, adjusting his greaves. “I have always wondered how well you handle a Claymore,”  Sallying forth, he sweep the Elven  Commander from the field.  “Prepare for a frontal assault.”

She purred flirtatiously. “My Citadel can endure all that you can muster,” she answered, enveloping his neck with her arms.
“Then prepare for a lengthy siege.”  He promised carrying her towards the Keep.

“To General Quarters!” She exclaimed.

<This goes on for several more chapters, written in such a way one cannot tell if they are reading a military manual or sleazy fiction.>

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