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A Steamy Romance Novel: School of Hardlance » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: School of Hardlance

A Steamy Romance Novel: School of Hardlance

Elithra Tightblossom swallowed nervously as she stepped into the Magister’s chamber, still clutching the failure notice in her hand. There was no way it could be right, if she did not pass this then she would never be a Magistrix. A voice called out inquisitively and curiously, “Magister…Hardlance?” The highbacked chair turned around as the Magister cocked a brow, looking his student over with some manner of surprise. “Miss Tightblossom…I did not expect to find you here.”

In the low light of the office, Elithra found herself unable to tear eyes away from him. The warm feeling in her belly that she got whenever he lectured in the hall, when his eyes happened to catch hers. The door magically swung shut and she nearly jumped as she strode towards his desk. “Magister Hardlance…I…this must be a mistake. I can’t fail, my family will disown me. I’ll be handling magical brooms for the rest of my life. Conjuring snocones at the Darkmoon Faire.”

Hardlance gave the woman a long and intense look, standing up and moving towards here with powerful strides. Tightblossom’s lips parted, stepping backwards in retreat as he advanced on her. Her back hit the bookshelf as he stood in front of her, fel green eyes bearing into her and sending her nerves aflutter. He reached forward towards her and she took in a shallow breath, but it went quickly to the side of her head and towards a tome on the shelf behind her.

Cheeks flushed to the color of the rosy apples other women left for him daily, and he pulled it back between them and flipped it open. Her stomach sank as he did so- attendance. A hawkish smirk pulled on his cold and noble features, magically flipping to her entry. “Perhaps….Miss Tightblossom, if you found yourself in class more often and dancing at the Ledgermain less often…this wouldn’t have happened. Take this as a lesson.” He flipped the tome shut and slid it away, Elithra licking her lips and feeling foolish but determined. “Please, Magister, there has to be some other way. I can be a very…intense student, when I want to be.” Hardlance glanced down at her taut bodice, nearly bursting at the seams.“You certainly have…potential, Elithra. But I’m afraid the grade is final, and you don’t appear to want to put the work in.” With that he turned back towards his desk and took several steps to sit down.

Tightblossom nearly sputtered, cheeks and ears flush and nervousness giving way to her more studious desires. By the time he turned around in his chair again, the elf had crawled atop it and looked at him with her own brow arched. “I’d disagree. Perhaps some…extra credit is in order, Magister?” Hardlance shifted in his chair, steel in his smirk and his robes slipping open. Her eyes widened and she murmured, “I don’t think I’ll need a ruler for this assignment…so will I be getting an A then, Magister?”

He leaned in towards her, smoldering eyes narrowed as they stared into those deep green pools.

“No, the D.”

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