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A Steamy Romance Novel: Snowy Service » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Snowy Service

A Steamy Romance Novel: Snowy Service

He eyed her from across the bar, his corner table empty save for him, “Refill”, he called out to her.

The little Elf Mage turned and strode toward him, a tray and tankard held in the air near her.

She poured the tankard out into his cup and went to move on.

“It’s not cold enough..” he said, voice raspy and cool.

The little elf mage raised a brow, “How do you know I can cool it for you?”

“They call you Coldstrider, don’t they?”, he asked, “Work that magic for me…”

“I don’t use my feet..”, she spat.

“If they say such about your feet, what else can you shower me with, Snowflake?”, he quipped.

“That’s quite a way to break the ice…”, she smirked.

“Keep talking, snow angel.. you might start an avalanche…”, he tipped his mug, then tugged her close.

She did not object, the kiss feeling like frostbite.

“Your touch… like Winter”, the Mage said, feeling ice upon her lips.

“Winter is coming, sweet snowflake”, the Death Knight concluded.

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