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A Steamy Romance Novel: Song of Fire and Wine » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Song of Fire and Wine

A Steamy Romance Novel: Song of Fire and Wine

It was a strange evening.  A secluded vineyard in a dangerous land; a city besieged from without and within.  It was not a place for dalliances but somethings simply cannot wait.  Somethings simply must be done.  So here Lenus sits, cheek in hand, staring ahead and letting her mind wander as she waited in the intimate abode that has long been abandoned, a thin layer of dust already settling on the fine furniture.  It was a battle of mind-numbing boredom and brief bouts of terror when a patrol did finally make its way past.

At last, the door swung open an inch, and the codeword is given.  “Fine company and better wine.”  It was a saying that Marguax was fond of, and it served grandly for the purpose of this meeting.  Fine company with better wine. It was the thought of the former that made the winemaker’s heart flutter like the wings of an Underglow Locust.

“Are you ready?”  The Vinter had just made it into the room when was greeted without grace, or even so much as the dignity of the fair blood elf’s attention.  She was far more focused on examining her nails.  Unpainted, he could not help but notice.  Despite the briskness, he smiled at the sound of her voice all the same.  “Are you ready?”  The woman’s gaze finally fell on him like a Hammer of Justice.  “Are you?”

The Shal’dorei takes a breath to gather himself, before nodding.  “I will tell you what you need to do, just follow my instructions.”  They slip through the quiet streets, making their way to the center near the fountain.  The door is locked, but Iltheux motions Lenus forward, who with a rogue’s cunning and Alacrity, the door swings open before the count of three.

“Excellent,” The Vintner mumbles, feeling a cold sweat down his hot back.  Why was he so nervous… the guards, it must be.  “You’re a natural.”  Lenus has the good grace to look even more bored by the compliment, “I did not think you’d be interested in something so… shady.”

Iltheux’s dry lips suddenly become drier.  “Uh, yes.  Well… we’re here now.  I suppose we had best be–”

Lenus holds up a finger to stop him.  “No.”

“/You/ will squish your own grapes.  Now get into that vat and jump on the fruit!”

The Shal’dorei’s heartbeat accelerates like a worgen running wild.  He stares at the slim silhouette of the Sin’dorei, covered from toes to chin in dark leather, whose voice cracked like the snap of a whip…

“Yes, ma’m!”  Iltheux nearly swoons, and doing exactly as he was commanded.

<The rest of the pages are splotched out by Arcwine… and smells faintly of feet.>

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