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A Steamy Romance Novel: Ssscintillating Ssseduction » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Ssscintillating Ssseduction

A Steamy Romance Novel: Ssscintillating Ssseduction

Light danced across her aqua colored scales casting them in an iridescent shimmer as a pale beam from the moon shone through a highly arched window.  “I love what you’ve done with this ruin.” she hissed gently. Her fingertips trailed the soft moss in the crevices of the hard stones as she slowly slithered around the interior as if appraising and inspecting the round room.  Her slanted eyes shifted over him just as openly.  He, in turn, watched her closely, his forked tongue flickering out to catch her scent.  “Only for you, my dearest Sssavanah.”

With a strong flick of his heavy tail, he pushed forward, sliding closer to her, his voice lowering into a seductive tone. “I chose it ssspecifically to house your clutch. That is, of course, if you’ll agree to what we discussed.”

She turned towards him as he neared, sliding one hand to his long waist and pressing her scaled belly to his as her other hand came up to lay on his bare chest.  “Well, Ssstephan, I am not ssso certain.  I have ssseen many in the tribe with mighty tridents.  Many are ssstrong warriors who ssseem more than capable of piercing the clam and providing the meat.  Sssome even tempt with knowing what to do with the pearl.”

Her taunt filled him with jealousy. Instead of lashing out he slid his fingers around to her spiked spine to tickle and tease along the fine ridge as his forked tongue flickered out once more. Leaving a light kiss to her scaly lips his voice rumbled out deeper still. “Sssavanah, you know when you sssay sssuch things it makes me want to wield my trident all the more.  Sssuccumb to me.” he hissed. “Allow me to prove my worthiness.”

She grinned under that tickle of a kiss, felt the stiffness in his form as her words took root, making him ravenous to prove himself.  She pulled her face back from the kiss to look up to him, though she kept her bosom close and let her body snake slowly against him, enticing him further. “And if you find the pearl…?”

Her words were cut off by the sickening sound of a dead fish landing on the stone floor at their tails. Just as they looked down, discovering the odd thing lying there, it began to swell before their very eyes. Larger and larger it grew and as Savanah’s face contorted into a disgusted sneer, the fish exploded, splattering the lovers with its entrails.

Stephan growled. Savanah gasped. Bewildered, they both looked out of the arched doorway to see what looked like a tiny army of berserked murlocs running straight towards them.

“By Queen Azshara! What in the….”

<the ensuing scene turns grotesque and bloody, damning this novel for the five copper bin at your local flea market>

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