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A Steamy Romance Novel: Swept by the Wind » First Light

A Steamy Romance Novel: Swept by the Wind

A Steamy Romance Novel: Swept by the Wind

The dust fitfully howls with the rough winds buffeting the small hut crowned atop the barren hills. A Tauren wrapped in heavy linen can be seen in the distance below the hut battling the harsh conditions. He held a long rod to assist him in this perilous walk, gripping it tightly to hold his balance amidst these impossible conditions, though fate played a cruel card as the rod he held on ever-so much snapped in two from an unearthed stone.

He lost his delicate balance to the wind and falls backwards. He closed his eyes pitifully expecting the worst until he felt someone taking hold of his hand, the warm embrace pulling him upwards again.
“Get inside! It’s dangerous outside you fool!” The voice boomed rebelliously against the conditions, clear as day to the dazed Tauren trying to make of the situation. He threw his other hand to grip onto the saviors to holster himself upwards. The mysterious person helped pull him upwards with such force the rod merely was obsolete in comparison. “How close are we?” The helpless Tauren yelled out. The voice returned in another shout. “Hold on tight! We are reaching the entrance now!” Such music to his ears as he can hear the blanket covering the entrance flap around hysterically.

The heavy linen wraps itself around his face, the loud winds screech and howl louder then ever before. He felt completely guided by this strangers hand not even knowing how dangerous he was in before when the rod snapped. The stranger tugged him towards the entrance of the towering hut, he gained more ground being sheltered by the weather and lent the Tauren his shoulder to lean on. They made it inside the hut, both collapsing onto the earth from their endeavors.

The Tauren felt ache in his muscles and couldn’t seem to release himself from the stranger not that the stranger minded for he, too, seemed exhausted from the rescue. The Tauren turned his head over to the strangers attempting to speak to him. His words struggle to come out as being mixed with heavy panting. “A.. Are you him?” All he could make an effort of. The stranger pushed himself from the Tauren to give him more room, he took a couple of seconds for a breather to respond to his question. “Yea.. I’m that guy. You going to take me in then?” The Tauren didn’t answer, but instead slumbered into a deep rest.

He woke up sorely tonight, the winds still howled from the outside and the hut was pitch black with the moon sheltering the only light alas the disturbed earth scattered across the skies. He felt his body lighter, and recently disturbed. The dark linen he had wrapped around himself almost deceived him. He fidgeted around trying to make of the situation until someone rested a hand on him, the same, calm hand he relied on. “You need rest, sleep now.” The stranger whispered. The Tauren hesitated, questioning his situation. “Where am i.. I can’t feel my clothes.” The stranger struggled to reply back it seemed. “Your clothes.. i had to take them off for you to rest, now please don’t worry just sleep until the morning.”

The Tauren was too weak to do anything so did as he asked, he calmly held on to his hand as his eyes tire. “You know i was after your life.. But now You save me? ” The stranger chuckled at him, watching as he slumbers again. “Perhaps i’d even let you take my life.. It was yours in the first place, my old friend.”

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