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Knotty Thoughts

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Knotty Thoughts

The pale glow of the moon shines down upon the lonesome Larentius as he stuffs a cigarette into the edge of his mouth, producing a small magical flame with a snap of his fingers. He brings the flame over to the end of his cigarette, and takes a much needed drag to smoke away the day's stress. A sigh of relief escapes through the thin man's lips, as well as some of the smoke he inhaled.

He was waiting on someone. That said someone didn't usually take this long for their usual, nightly meet-ups. The warlock closed his eyes, a moment of weakness as greyish thoughts began to cloud his mind. He could only wrap his arms under his chest in a weak attempt to fight off the cold touch of the night.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted as earthly vines began to wrap themselves around Larentius' limbs, seeking to drift them further apart from each other. The small, pale practicioner of the Dark Arts, caught off-guard by simple tree roots. Surprisingly, Larentius only grinned to such antics, even when he heard that familiar, beastly growl over his shoulder. "Feeling..Knotty, Hozak?" he inquired, his head slightly turned over to the source of the noise. It wasn't the first time his druidic companion resorted to such predatory approaches.

"I could bear-ly contain myself, Larry. I wood have tried something else, but..You and I both know it's simply in my nature." The worgen replied. Larry couldn't help but scrunch his nose in a grimace. There was nothing worse than forced druid puns. But being the good sport that he was, he played along. "Looks like the cat's out of the bag." He couldn't help but straighten his back as he felt furry palms run up to his chest, as the Bird King straddles the man close in his embrace from behind. "Don't worry, Larry..My bark's worse than my bite.."
The warlock strained against his makeshift binds, fully aware that any further effort would be in vain. "Is there a branch sticking out back there, or are you just happy to see me..?" He replied playfully, his eyes now locked with the beast's hungry gaze. Looks like it was going to be.. A wild night.

To be continued...

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