Waves of Pleasure

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Waves of Pleasure

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Waves of Pleasure

The three-masted galleon, the Lordaeron sailed smoothly along the surface of calm waters off the coast of the Arathi Basin. It's captain, Demitria Rione had heard tales of a beautiful Stromic princess, and had long held the desire to plunder her booty. It was well passed midnight when the ship's doctor, Chthonia entered her quarters to see a peculiar sight. Deckhand Manafuse was crouched low over the medical storage chest attempting to enter it. The Kaldorei removed her tricorn hat and placed it on a hook by the door. "Phineas, what are you doing?" The Gnome jumped in surprise, dropping several tools on the ground. "Oh! Toni, I didn't expect your watch to end so soon. I was, uh, looking for something for scurvy. I thought you might have some limes available." The woman looked down at the discarded tools and frowned. "You know citrus is available in the mess," she said. As she inspected the gnome her eyes grew large, "And why do you have all these tools?" The object that attracted her eyes sat clenched tightly in the Gnome's fist, the only one he had managed to hold on to. A small smile crept across the Kaldorei's face. A light blush took to her cheeks, "My, what a large wrench you have.." The gnome looked down at his instrument, a wicked smile creeping across his face. "Well, some gnomes have smaller tools, but I find the size of this one provides the optimal amount of torque to remove those hard to remove nuts." The ship rocked slightly as the two stared at each other with longing in their eyes. After a time the elf broke the tense silence, "Well, you've been caught trespassing in my private quarters and now, Mister Manafuse," She reached toward the wall and pulled a long leather bull whip from a hook, "You will be punished."

>>The next few pages offend your sensibilities and you quickly flip through to the next chapter.<<

The next day the Lordaeron pulled into a small port near the ruined city of Stromgarde. The gnome woke up, his small body intertwined with the Priestess. He carefully untangled himself from her arms and slid out of bed. Large red whelts dotted his bare back, trophies from the night before. Phineas winced in pain as his feet touched the floor. The gnome stealthily snuck towards his tools and went back to work on the chest. Within minutes the lid slid open with the smallest creak. The Priestess stirred and rolled over in the love nest , slowly grasping for where the gnome had been. Phineas dug around the chest and found his prize, a small stone, blue and gold that shimmered in the lamp light, Azerite. With a mischievous smirk Phineas crawled back into bed into the embrace of the Kaldorei. The priestess' eyes flickered open and a smile crept across her face, "Have you learned your lesson, Phineas?" The gnome shook his head, "I've always been a terrible student, and my gears are rusty, the cogs don't spin like they used to." The elf reached down and pulled out a long thin riding crop, "Well, we will just have to oil them, won't we?"

>>The following pages are filled with the raunchiest of smut and continue to the end of the novella. The author promises more risqué liasons in the future, when Captain Rione meets the Stromic Princess, Pavel Wright.<<

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