Gentle wings flutter around us, sparkling dust falling as tiny creatures glide gracefully through the library. They are rarely noticed, but those who are observant are sure they see two fireflies zipping through the stacks. Researchers glance up suddenly, distracted by light-hearted giggles or the glimpse of something shiny out of the corner of their eye. Unnoticed, heart tipped arrows fly through the air, tagging the books that highlight this season of love. Rose petals begin to dust the floor, and scraps of parchment are whisked throughout the settlement to be captured by the curious. Their message is simple, playful, and hopeful…

Join First Light to celebrate our Second Annual Steamy Romance Extravaganza! It's time again to write your hearts out for some amazing prizes!

The Steamy Romance Extravaganza is a Writing Contest! Entries should seek to emulate the innuendo and intimation driven narratives found in the bountiful examples of in-game "Steamy Romance Novels." Click here for full contest details.

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Enter for your chance to win a Heroic Argus kill, earning the Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker achievement, as well as a guaranteed Violet Spellwing mount!