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Guild Rules » First Light

Guild Rules


  1. First Light is a guild of adult (18+) gamers. Our stories often involve dark, horrific, and violent themes that are not suited to underaged members. We wish to preserve a safe environment for our adult members to communicate freely.
  2. Do not violate TOS in any form or fashion. If you are caught spamming public channels or acting like an idiot, your tenure in First Light will be a remarkably short one.
  3. In the event of a foreseeable, prolonged absence from activity, please inform an officer of the situation at the earliest opportunity. You will be tagged with an excused note so that you are not removed from the guild for inactivity.
  4. In the event that you are removed from the guild for inactivity, you are welcome to rejoin at any time. Please contact an officer and explain who you are as well as any relevant situation. Reinvites may not be immediate, but will happen.
  5. If you choose to voluntarily leave the guild of your own volition at any time, for any reason, you will be required to submit a new application and undergo a separate interview process. We wish to encourage and preserve stability within our ranks.
  6. At this time, “Alt” characters are permitted entry and will remain at the Provincial rank. We expect that you will continue to “Main” the character with which you first applied to the guild, unless you inform an officer.


We want to ensure that our members and officers are able to enjoy their experiences in guild at all times. It is important to remember, always, that there is another human being behind every character you encounter in game and in guild. Our Conduct Rules concern behavior displayed both in the guild and in the broader community. Every member is expected to conduct themselves as a representative of our guild and its core values at all times.

  1. All members are expected to show respect to their fellow members and guild officers at all times. Disrespectful behavior directed toward another guild member will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  2. As a member, your behavior and conduct within the broader community is a reflection of the reputation of the guild. Every member shall conduct themselves as an ambassador to the server and to every individual they encounter.
  3. Any activity that may be considered “griefing” or “trolling,” particularly if it is disruptive to any form of roleplay being conducted on the server by any party, will be grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.
  4. If someone outside of the guild is harassing you, please /ignore them and leave the area. Do not attempt to engage them in conversation or any form of retaliation. If need be, contact an officer for support.
  5. If you are involved in a dispute with another guild member, please document everything with screenshots and provide an officer with relevant information. We will not sort out “he said, she said” disputes.
  6. If a comment made innocently in public or private results in offense being taken by the other party, please simply apologize and move on. Humor and levity are welcome, but please be respectful of boundaries.
  7. The following topics are potentially extremely sensitive: politics, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and race. Use common sense. Any disrespectful discourse on these subjects will be severely reprimanded.
  8. Real life threats and blatantly inflammatory comments / insults directed toward other guild members will absolutely not be tolerated and will be grounds for either immediate disciplinary action or dismissal.
  9. Adult and mature language is permitted, as First Light is an adult (18+) only community. Please note that ‘adult’ does not carry any sexual or erotic connotation — any overly sexual or erotic conversation will be directed out of public channels.
  10. Erotic story situations between consenting, adult parties are not a rules violation, but this type of roleplay should never be exhibited publicly. Any public lewd, erotic, or sexual behavior (including content in RP profiles) will be reprimanded.


The use of the Guild Discord Servers is a privilege, not a right. As a guild, we strive to maintain a strong level of contact and communication with one another as well as provide a healthy social atmosphere. All Conduct Rules apply equally to conduct and conversations taking place in our Guild Discord Servers. In addition to these, a few specific rules apply.

  1. The Guild Discord Servers are not public. They are limited to use for members of First Light, as well as certain respected friends and allies. Any member requiring assistance joining Discord should contact an officer for help.
  2. Non-members of First Light will not be permitted access to the Guild Discord Server without consent from a Guild Officer. Members do not have permission to generate Instant Invites, nor should they be transferred to other parties.
  3. Please constrain your conversations to the appropriate channels. If you want to engage in a discussion about something, check to see if there is already a channel reserved for that topic. If not, use General or First Light.
  4. Your Discord Nickname should reflect your in game name, on your primary guild character. This is to prevent any confusion as to who you are. Unknown and unidentifiable members may be removed.
  5. If you are joining an occupied voice channel, please be respectful of the participants already making use of that channel. Any conduct that disrupts the availability and usage of a voice channel will be reprimanded.
  6. Speech access to certain channels may be restricted from time to time. This will primarily pertain to Raid channels, PVP channels, and Mythic + channels. If you join a channel where these are happening, please remain silent.
  7. Loud outbursts, rude behavior, yelling, screaming, and persistent noise (chewing, background sounds) should be avoided by using Push to Talk. These sorts of disruptions will likely result in your being Muted or kicked from a channel.